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Fight to the DEATH in this unique card battler. Compete in intense one-on-one duels. Lead a riotous robot rebellion through randomly generated survival arenas. Overthrow a malevolent robot despot in the epic 15+ hour single-player campaign. Insane Robots is card battling... HACKED!

Master the 22 token battle deck and develop your strategies in super-accessible local, online and single-player robotic skirmishes. Deploy HACKS and GLITCHES in the heat of battle. Use all your cunning to terminate the competition. Climb the leaderboards and conquer the robot world! 

Battle with a collection of 46+ deliciously diverse robots in five hostile environments. Augment the devious droids as you go, to become increasingly formidable. Embark on an epic journey filled with peril and twists as a decaying robot dystopia reveals itself over eight replayable tournaments. Trade cutting, robotic insults as you fight. Obliterate the competition in relentless overkill!


• This is card battling HACKED with no costly expansions and time-consuming customisation
• Compete in intense local and online ranked 2P multiplayer battles
• Experience the epic 15+ hour single-player campaign
• Unlock 46 robots and find over 100 augments to boost their abilities
• Play one of six game modes in multiplayer local or online 
• Explore your tactical options to survive randomly generated survival arenas
• Master the 22 token battle deck and define your own style of play
• A compelling narrative with over 150 branching story events
• Explore five types of hazardous environment from lush jungles to barren Moonscapes
• Can you overthrow the megalomaniacal Kernel and save the Insane Robots?

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